Bangkok: Shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall

If there is one other thing (aside from sightseeing) that you must do while in Bangkok, it’s shopping!!! Yep, Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise! We visited one of its popular shopping malls called “Platinum Fashion Mall,” which reminded me of our 168 Shopping Mall in Divisoria, Manila, only that Platinum is way bigger with walking aisles a lot wider and less crowded (probably because we were there on a weekday).

So, here’s some general information about Platinum Fashion Mall:

  • the mall is located at 222 Petchburi Road, Pratu Nam. From our hotel in Khao San, we took a taxi, which was about a 15-20 min ride (about THB190)
  • it operates from 8AM – 8PM (Wed, Sat and Sun) or 9AM-10PM (MTThF)
  • it is particularly suitable for wholesale shopping and largely caters for women’s clothing and fashion accessories



Now, the Do’s and Don’ts

This mall is so huge and can be overwhelming, so you need to plan ahead especially if you have limited time in Bangkok. Here are a few tips:

  1. Preparations before going to the mall. Be prepared for a lot of walking so wear a relaxed outfit and a comfy pair of shoes. Lam na! Bring a light huge bag for carrying all your shopped items. Better to have a bag with zipper and beware of pickpockets. You’ll be surprised to see a lot of shoppers come with huge trolley bags and pull them as they shop around.


  1. Be an early bird. It’s best to come to the mall early (note mall hours above) as it can get a bit crowded in the afternoon.
  1. Take note of the mall directory. You can prioritize your shopping by taking note of the mall floor plan. The mall has 3 zones (buildings). For Zones 1 and 2: Level 4 down to the Basement mainly offer women fashion clothing; Level 5 has children wear and fashion accessories. Zone 3 on the other hand mainly has bags and shoes. Our strategy for getting around was to start from the top (4th floor) then down as it is more jam-packed in the first floor.
  1. Aim for the wholesale price. The more items you buy in one shop, the cheaper the price gets and the more opportunity you have for bargaining. In a number of shops, there are 2 prices listed in a product’s tag: the higher one being the retail price; and the lower one being the wholesale price. To get the wholesale price, you need to buy 2-3 items or buy more so you can further negotiate for more discount. Good thing I was with a friend and we did combine our purchases for each shop. Saya! 🙂
  1. No fitting. Most shops do not allow having their clothing items for fitting, so it can be risky to buy those body-hugging garments. On the other hand though, this made our shopping a lot faster, wala nang sukat-sukat e…
  1. Don’t spend too much time surveying one shop to another. I know women can be indecisive when shopping. You can spend some time to first look around and explore various shops to see what you want to buy, but take note of your time, and I would suggest that if you already see something you like and the price is reasonable, then, buy it immediately. There are probably thousands of stalls inside the mall and you’ll find it difficult to come back and find the same shop again. “Reasonable” for me is from THB150 up to 200 for clothes.
  1. Have a break. You can take a brief break and have lunch at the 6th floor of Zone 2, where the Food Court is located. In this floor, there is a small shop selling variety of snack items for pasalubong such as dried flavored seaweeds, dried fruits, rice crackers, spicy pork rinds, dried shredded pork and squid, etc.


  1. Be pleasant.  Attitude can be a huge factor for shopping and bargaining, so smile and be courteous, greeting the shop keepers “sawadika” (meaning “hello”) and saying “kob kun kaa” (meaning “thank you”) after.

Enjoy shopping!!! 🙂


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