Bali: Kuta Beach

I was originally accompanying a friend who’s been dreaming of visiting Bali for some time. So glad to have come along because we had an amazing 2 days in this island! Our adventure in Bali was supposedly the highlight (finale) of our brief backpacking trip last April 2014, the trip route being Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu) to Singapore to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) to Indonesia (Bali).

Kuta Beach

Like many of our islands in the Philippines, Bali is famous for its beaches and Kuta Beach is one of the most frequently visited ones. The beach itself is a long stretch of brown sand good for beach sports and leisure walks.


The water has great waves suitable for surfing. They even have some surf schools and surf instructors around.


(the waves of Kuta beach, 3 layers…)

Late in the afternoon, many tourists and locals also gather and relax by the beach to watch the beautiful sunset.


(sunset at Kuta Beach)

Alongside the beach is the Kuta Beach road lined with all the hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and shopping centers of Kuta. At night, the beach road comes to life with all the loud music and bands playing from the numerous bars/pubs around.


It’s easy to find yummy cheap eats out here. We basically survived on eating nasi bungkus sold by various vendors at the beach. It’s a paper-wrapped food usually consists of rice and other fillings such as noodles, meat (fish or chicken), tofu and veggies. They taste great, just enough spiciness to tickle your taste buds, and affordable too at only IDR5,000.


(nasi bungkus)

On the downside though, since tourists abound in Kuta, I noticed that the quality and cleanliness of the beach has been affected, which thus reminded us of the importance of traveling responsibly.

Agung Bali

Whenever I travel, I would always look for souvenir shirts for my family (as “pasalubong”) and a fridge magnet as a pleasant reminder of the trip/adventure. In Kuta, there is this souvenir/gift shop called Agung Bali Oleh Oleh Khas Bali (or just Agung Bali). We were originally going to a different souvenir shop but were brought here instead by the taxi driver, saying that this place is better.


The place is quite huge and has a broad range of products from clothes, accessories, food (snacks, coffee, candies, etc.), handicrafts, art pieces, etc. The items here are a lot cheaper than those in the shops along the Kuta beach road, hence, worth spending a few hours of your day while in Kuta.


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  1. You have a nice blog. hehe. I often blog hop when wala ako ginagawa. Anyway.. for me, im just waiting for group buying sites like cash cash pinoy to offer travel deals because i dun wanna pay full price. Cheap ko ba hehe.. see you around 🙂


    1. @KC, thanks! I like visiting other blogs too! Helps me a lot in planning my itineraries. I haven’t really tried any tour deals from “Cash Pinoy” since I personally like to plan all my backpacking trips and this works for me… baka nga mas “cheap” pa ako sau. haha! 🙂


  2. lovely vacation you have, was browsing best place for our summer vacation this comming summer, I just hope cashcashpinoy will offer this great place so I can save a lot of money and use it as our pocket money. so four option are Istanbul, Turkey and locally at camaya coast.


    1. @Jason, had an amazing 2 days in Bali and I would recommend it for your summer vacation too! I’m not sure whether “cashcashpinoy” would offer any tour package but don’t let that discourage you. You can definitely plan a Bali summer vacation on your own within budget. All you need is that airline seat sale and a lot of research. You can also bring a couple of friends so you can share paying for the accommodation or the local tour to see the beautiful attractions of the island. 😉


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