Seoul, South Korea: Review of Beewon Guesthouse

Basic facilities/services of Beewon

Overall, Beewon Guesthouse can offer the following:

  • Information Desk/reception which is open until very late at night;
  • free WiFi (strong signal even inside the room)
  • common kitchen (small but clean and organized), with ref, microwave, and other stuff for cooking
  • common lounge with TV, computer, and reading materials
  • laundry area (free usage with detergent)
  • free breakfast (bread with jam or margarine and yakult)
  • free coffee (you can use their pot and make coffee any time you like)
  • free use of water dispenser

Note: They have 2 beautiful cats in the guesthouse 🙂

Our accommodation at Beewon Guesthouse

  • Our Room type: Private Room with Bunk Bed (good for 2 people) with private CR.
our bunk bed
ensuite bathroom (toilet with bathtub)
  • Room amenities: AC, flat screen TV, mini fridge, hairdryer, towel, toiletries (tissue, shampoo, body wash, soap bar, toothpaste), slippers (bedroom and CR)


amenities inside the room

What I liked most about Beewon

  1. Very convenient location – probably the main selling point of this guesthouse:
  • From Incheon airport, you only need to take Airport Bus No. 6011 and alight at the Changdeokgung Palace bus stop, which is only about 3-min walk to the guesthouse.
  • It is near two subway stations: Anguk Station or Jongno3(sam)-ga Station (about 5-7 mins walk), hence, going to the famous attractions via the Seoul Metro subway is very convenient
  • There are two convenience stores nearby: GS25 Store and 7-Eleven, the latter being just a few steps outside the guesthouse. Near Exit 7 of Jongno3(sam)-ga Station, there is also a huge supermarket called Lemon Mart (pronounced as “Lemon Marto”),
  • Also near Exit 7 of Jongno3(sam)-ga Station, there are a lot of street food stalls and local restaurants serving korean barbeque and grilled pork, etc., which open at night.
  1. Reasonable rates – room rates are comparatively affordable, especially if you share a private room with a friend. We were able to book about 6 months in advance via so we got even better rates.
  1. Friendly Staff – they have very friendly and accommodating staff. Check-in/out is very easy. The lady owner, although hardly speaks english, was very kind and likes to assist us with directions whenever she catches us on our way out. The rest of the staff was quite young and can speak well in english. On our last day, although we already checked out, they allowed us to leave our luggage for a whole day for free and we just picked them up later at night.
  1. Lots of famous and interesting places in walking distance – Beewon is located in Jongno-gu or Jongno District, which is home to several of Seoul’s traditional sightseeing places and other places of interest:
  • The Changdeokgung Palace is only about 3-min walk and Jongmyo Shrine about 10-15 min walk from the guesthouse. The Bukchon Hanok Village, where you can see traditional Korean houses, is also nearby (about 10-15 min walk).
  • It is very near Insa-dong gil (about 7-10-min walk), which is one of the centers for Korean arts and crafts in Seoul. Along the streets of Insa-dong gil, you can find the Ssamzie-gil Mall where you can shop for traditional Korean handicrafts, clothing, and fashion accessories. There are also other shops along the streets of Insa-dong gil where you can buy cheap souvenirs like Korean T-shirts and ref magnets, etc.
  • There are 2 branches of Alive Museum (the main branch towards the end of Insa-dong gil and another one at Ssamzie-gil Mall) where you can have lots of fun taking pictures via their 3D trick art.

Not so good points:

  • Perhaps it was just us or my “bionic nose,” but the bed sheets and pillow covers did not smell that fresh. The mattresses were not as soft, but good enough.


Overall, we had a very pleasant and comfortable stay at Beewon. The staff helped us with a lot of things, which we really appreciated. It was also fun meeting other backpackers.

Finding a Budget Accommodation

If your traveling to SK on a budget, I would recommend choosing to stay at Guesthouses (or hostels), since actual hotels in SK are quite expensive in my opinion.

Many of the Guesthouses I’ve seen seem like remodeled family homes or even traditional Korean homes and they also offer basic accommodation services that you would need (or more), like:

  • 24-hr receptionist/information desk
  • free wifi
  • luggage storage or private locker
  • laundry area
  • common lounge
  • common kitchen
  • airport pickup service
  • room amenities (e.g., AC, towel, toiletries, hair dryer, TV, fridge, etc.)
  • private or shared bathroom/toilet
  • free breakfast meal
  • coffee facility (free flowing coffee)

You can choose private rooms or dormitory type of rooms (bed spacer) and an overnight stay would typically range from 18K to as much as 30K korean won. Most guesthouses have online bookings (e.g.,via,, Airbnb, or direct booking in their websites).

To get the best deal, my advice is to book your accommodation about 3-6 months in advance. Also, for convenience, choose a guesthouse that is accessible in terms of transportation (location is near train stations) and has nearby attractions or commercial establishments (like convenience stores, supermarket, etc.). Take time to check actual travel reviews regarding their services/facilities such as via the Tripadvisor.

Other Options for Budget Accommodation in Seoul

In looking for cheap accommodation like guesthouses or hostels, I think that one of the best locations would be around Jongno area since it is home to many popular attractions in Seoul.

Aside from Beewon, here are my other recommendations:


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