Autumn in Korankei

Travel Date:  21 November 2016

The Korankei Autumn Festival

Korankei is known as one of the best spots in Aichi to enjoy viewing of autumn foliage and scenery, or what they call “momijigari” in Japan (similar to the Japanese tradition of “hanami” during spring time).

The autumn festival (or momiji matsuri) in Korankei is usually celebrated throughout the month of November and we’re so happy to have arrived at the best time when the autumn colors were already at their peak. I tried my best to capture the vibrant colors of the trees and surroundings, but really, the actual experience is just so magical.

The Korankei Gorge
walkway going to the Taigetsukyo Bridge

Because Korankei is very popular, autumn leaf viewing can be quite crowded, especially at the Taigetsukyo bridge, which is one of the most recognized photography spots of Korankei.

the famous Taigetsukyo Bridge


Sanshu Asuke Yashiki

Just a few walks from the Taigetsukyo bridge is the Sanshu Asuke Yashiki, which is a traditional Japanese village, where you can see demonstrations of making various traditional Japanese handicrafts, or you can register to participate in their actual workshops.

My personal favorite was the house that makes the paper umbrellas, I wish we had more time to actually make one, haha!

the house making paper umbrellas (some umbrellas turned into lamps)


The Sanshu Asuke Yashiki is open from 9AM to 5PM (except Thursdays), and entrance fee is 300 Yen. For more information, visit their website:

How to get there

  1. Take the train until Higashiokazaki Station.
  2. Exit the train platform going down towards the bus station or bus stop outside the main building.
  3. At the bus station/stop, look for stand or stop number 4 and wait for Bus No. 8 which has the bus front sign of “Asuke.” This is the bus going to Asuke, which will take you to the Korankei bus stop. Just to be sure, my advice is to at least be familiar with the Kanji equivalent of “Korankei” which is this : 香嵐渓
  4. There is a published bus schedule of the Meitetsu Bus going in and out of Korankei, but unfortunately, it is in Japanese (but google translate can help). Note that the schedule changes during weekdays and weekends. For example, during weekdays, here are the links for the bus schedules using Meitetsu Bus:
  1. The bus ride from Higashiokazaki station takes more than an hour (about 70mins), and bus fare is 800 Yen (one way) and you can also use your IC train cards to pay for the fare.
  2. Alternatively, from your hotel, if you are nearer to Toyotashi station (instead of Higashiokazaki station), you can also take another Meitetsu Bus from Toyotashi station going to Korankei. This route takes about 40 mins, and costs 800 Yen (one way).

Recommended route within Korankei

Going to Korankei takes a lot of travel time since it is quite far from the main city area in Nagoya and best to be there during weekdays (although it is still crowded during weekdays, haha!). I would suggest going at daytime to enjoy autumn leaf viewing and picture taking of the Korankei Gorge to the Taigetsukyo bridge. You will enjoy leisurely walks with the magnificent view of the river and the maple trees.

At mid-day you can visit the Sanshu Asuke Yashiki to see the traditional Japanese village and demonstrations of making handicrafts. At the entrance, they provide you with a map of the whole village area so you can choose which activity or house you want to prioritize.

At night time, you can walk back to the gorge and Taigetsukyo bridge to view the foliage illumination which starts at 5PM until 9PM. Just be aware of the bus schedules especially for returning back to the train station.

Korankei autumn foliage illumination

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  1. Fantastic, Ash – very informative. Managed to nail down the bus timetable to/from Higashi Okazaki – all thanks to you, dear. Based on your account, I reckon I will take the first bus out as I will be there on a Sunday this coming Nov. Snooze will have to take a back-seat.

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