Uji: A cultural walk in Kyoto’s green tea City

Travel Date: December 2016

Green tea and match paradise!!!!

Green tea is probably the most consumed drinks in Japan and is an integral part of the Japanese food culture. It’s no wonder how Japanese tea ceremonies are still being kept and practiced up until today.

If you are a certified matcha lover, a trip to Kyoto, Japan would not be complete without a day tour at Uji City. Uji is famous all over Japan for its high quality green tea and matcha products, so all you matcha lovers out there (me included) will be in for a treat!!! Green tea and matcha products are abundant at the Omotesando Street, which you can take on your way to the Byodo-in Temple.

sample of green tea products
yummy matcha products!!!
restaurants around the Omotesando Street in Uji

A cultural walk in Uji

Not only is Uji famous for its high quality green tea and matcha products, the City is also rich in historical landmarks and treasures, such as the Byodo-In Temple, a Unesco World Heritage Site; the Tale of Genji, which is a famous Japanese literary masterpiece; and the Koshiji Temple, etc. This makes a day tour of Uji City perfect for green tea and matcha products shopping and food trip, as well as for a cultural walk.

The Byodo-In Temple, a Unesco World Heritage Site
yup, the temple is so popular that you see it in the 10 yen coin 🙂
The Uji Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Japan
The Tale of Genji (a famous Japanese literary masterpiece)
autumn season in Uji City 🙂
you can take boat rides in this river

How to get there

Take the train until JR Uji Station or Keihan Uji Station. The Keihan Uji Station is closer to the Uji Bridge and Omotesando Street heading towards the Byodo-In Temple.


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