How to travel from the Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO) to Nagoya City proper


Nagoya is one of the major entry points in coming to Japan via the Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO) or also called the Central Japan International Airport Centrair. Budget airlines such as Cebu Pacific and Jetstar have numerous flights to Nagoya from Manila.

The “MANACA” IC Card 

If you’re traveling to Japan, it is highly recommended to buy an IC card to conveniently ride trains, buses or taxi, as they are rechargeable prepaid cards so you can easily pay fares by just tapping the IC Card on the card readers. Plus, you can also use them in buying drinks at vending machines.

There are various types of IC Cards issued all over Japan. Most travellers will opt to buy the available IC card at the first city in Japan that they set foot on. So if you’re entering Japan via Nagoya, you need to buy the MANACA Card which costs 2,000 Yen (with a refundable deposit of 500 Yen). The IC Cards in Japan are compatible so you can use the MANACA Card in riding public transports not only within Nagoya but also all over Japan.


From Centrair Airport to Central Nagoya

In transferring from the Centrair airport to Nagoya City, you can take any of the following: train, airport limousine bus, or taxi. For me, the most convenient and cheapest way is via the Centrair Limousine Bus.

Note: If you forgot to check the limousine bus schedule, there are free WiFi areas in the airport, which are usually marked with “Centrair Free WiFi” posters/banners.


Directions for Riding the Centrair Limousine Bus

  1. The arrival lobby is located on the 2nd floor of the Terminal Building. After going through the airport arrival procedures  (which takes about 30mins), go to the Access Plaza.
  2. Buy your bus ticket (worth 1,200 Yen) at the automated ticket machines. If you need more help or assistance, there is an Information Counter at the central part of the Access Plaza where tourists can ask information about transportations or about tourist spots in Nagoya.
  3. Go down the escalator to the 1st floor to reach the bus boarding terminal.
  4. From the airport to Nagoya City, it takes about 1 hour to 1 hour/15 mins, depending on which drop off point you want to choose.
  5. For the bus time schedule, bus route and drop off points, check their website: Centrair Limousine Bus.

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