Kyoto: My Favorite City

Travel Period: November 2016   Kyoto is one of my favorite places ever! It’s such a beautiful ancient city. Kyoto’s most picturesque sites are the numerous temples and shrines showcasing Japan’s rich traditions and culture, which I think were carefully preserved amidst its fast modernization. This year, I got the chance to come back and... Continue Reading →


Uji: A cultural walk in Kyoto’s green tea City

Travel Date: December 2016 Green tea and match paradise!!!! Green tea is probably the most consumed drinks in Japan and is an integral part of the Japanese food culture. It's no wonder how Japanese tea ceremonies are still being kept and practiced up until today. If you are a certified matcha lover, a trip to Kyoto,... Continue Reading →

Nabana no Sato Winter Illumination

Travel Date: 24 November 2016 Winter Illumination in Nabana no Sato  The annual illuminations are one of the most anticipated events in Japan signalling the coming of winter and the Christmas and New Year season. The light festivals are simultaneously held in various cities across Japan and Nabana no Sato’s winter illumination in Nagashima Resort is... Continue Reading →

Obara Shikizakura: When Autumn meets Spring

Travel Date: 22 November 2016 The Obara Shikizakura Just when you thought the cherry blossoms or sakura can only be enjoyed during spring time, here in Obara, Aichi, Japan (or perhaps only in Japan), rare species of sakura trees called Obara “Shikizakura” bloom twice a year, first during spring and then again during autumn. Obara... Continue Reading →

Autumn in Korankei

Travel Date:  21 November 2016 The Korankei Autumn Festival Korankei is known as one of the best spots in Aichi to enjoy viewing of autumn foliage and scenery, or what they call “momijigari” in Japan (similar to the Japanese tradition of “hanami” during spring time). The autumn festival (or momiji matsuri) in Korankei is usually... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of Korean Culture and Heritage

A trip to Seoul would not be complete without a first hand experience of South Korea’s rich cultural history and tradition and Seoul is home to several of the grand palaces and historical sites that have been carefully preserved and reconstructed through time, some of which have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage sites.  ... Continue Reading →

Seoul, South Korea: Review of Beewon Guesthouse

Basic facilities/services of Beewon Overall, Beewon Guesthouse can offer the following: Information Desk/reception which is open until very late at night; free WiFi (strong signal even inside the room) common kitchen (small but clean and organized), with ref, microwave, and other stuff for cooking common lounge with TV, computer, and reading materials laundry area (free usage with... Continue Reading →

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