Seoul Attractions

Travel Period: June 2015 We took a break from seeing all the cultural and historical sites (see my other post on this at: A Glimpse of Korean Culture and Heritage) and went to explore the other attractions in Seoul that were part of our Seoul Itinerary. So, what else to do and see in Seoul? See my recommendations... Continue Reading →


A Glimpse of Korean Culture and Heritage

A trip to Seoul would not be complete without a first hand experience of South Korea’s rich cultural history and tradition and Seoul is home to several of the grand palaces and historical sites that have been carefully preserved and reconstructed through time, some of which have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage sites.  ... Continue Reading →

Seoul, South Korea: Review of Beewon Guesthouse

Basic facilities/services of Beewon Overall, Beewon Guesthouse can offer the following: Information Desk/reception which is open until very late at night; free WiFi (strong signal even inside the room) common kitchen (small but clean and organized), with ref, microwave, and other stuff for cooking common lounge with TV, computer, and reading materials laundry area (free usage with... Continue Reading →

South Korea: Visa Application

If you’ve booked a flight bound for South Korea, prepared your itinerary and booked your accommodation, then you’re almost good to go. Now, there’s one important thing that you still have to take care of. Unlike visiting our ASEAN neighbors, traveling to SK requires Visa entry… sigh…. But, don’t worry, my experience in applying Korean... Continue Reading →

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